]] Budgerigars

Cham/Inter      Nov/ Beg                                                  

Q1                     Q9                                             Any Green Inc  Opaline Cock

Q2                     Q10                                           Any Green Inc  Opaline Hen

Q3                     Q11                                           Any Blue Inc  Opaline Cock

Q4                     Q12                                           Any Blue Inc Opaline  Hen

Q5                     Q13                                           Any  Current Year Cock

Q6                     Q14                                           Any Current Year Hen

Q7                     Q15                                           Any Other Colour Cock

Q8                     Q16                                            Any Other Colour Hen                                                               


R1 Norwich Cock or Hen                                                      

R2 Fife Cock or Hen                                                   

R3 Border Cock or He

R4 Gloster Cock or Hen                                                                                 

R5 Red Canary Cock or Hen

R6 A.O.V Cock or Hen 

R7 Any British Hardbill Cock                                                                                                               

R8 Any British Hardbill Hen

R9 Any British Softbill

     Cock or Hen        

R10 Any British Mule or


R11 Any Foreign Hardbill Larger and                inc Java Sparrow

R12  Any Pet bird


R12 Any Foreign Hardbill    smaller than a Java Sparrow

R13 Any Foreign Softbill                           

R14 Any C.Y.A  Foreign

R15 Any  Zebra Finch (Pairs)

R16 Any Bengalese (Pairs)

R17 Any Budgerigar





S1 Any Canary Cock

S2 Any Canary Hen

S3 Any British etc.,

S4 Any Foreign

S5 Any Budgerigar Cock

S6 Any Budgerigar Hen



All Sales to be Judged

N.B  One bird per standard show cage unless normally shown in pairs. This rule will be strictly enforced. Any British bird offered for sale MUST BE CLOSED RUNG with an approved ring and be on schedule 3 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act.