New Colour Canary.


Cham               Novice

H1                     H10    Any Variety Ticked or Variegated

                                       ( Inc Ivories, And Recessive White Ex Reds)

H2                     H11    Red Ground Brown, Agate or Isabel

H3                     H12    Red Ground Pastel, Opal, Phaeo, Satinette

H4                     H13    Red  Ivory Ground  Brown, Black, Agate or Isabel

H5                     H14    Red Ivory Ground, Pastel, Opal, Phaeo, or Satinette

H6                     H15    Yellow or White Ground Pastel  or Opal

                                       (inc Ivories and Recessive Whites)

H7                     H16    Yellow or White Ground Phaeo or Satinette

                                         (inc Ivories and Recessive Whites)

H8                     H17      Yellow or White Topaz, Cock or Hen

H9                     H18       Any other colour

                                         (All Mosaics to be shown in respective colour)






AOV Canary (Champ & Novice Combined )


I1                              Any Cock Flighted

I2                              Any Hen  Flighted

I3                              Any Cock Un Flighted                                                                 

I4                              Any Hen Un Flighted